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Cockroach Solutions

There are about 4,500 species of cockroach , of which 30 species are associated with human habitations and about four species are well known as pests. Our Cockroach Control service consists of thorough inspections, application, monitoring and recommendations on sanitation and proofing. We offer custom solutions adhering to international food safety norms based on the size and operations of your business.

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  • Bedbug Solutions

    If you are battling bed bugs, don’t compromise. Get the most trusted, most professional thermal remediation bed bug specialists throughout India and Gujrat. When it comes to protecting your home or business from bed bugs, Ultra Pest Solutions plays hard ball with our state-of-the-art Treatment process. It allows us to quickly eliminate bed bugs with minimal preparation or inconvenience.

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  • Rodent Solutions

    Ultra Pest Solutions offers pest and rodent control throughout the Country. Rodentia is an order of mammals also known as rodents, characterised by two continuously growing incisors in the upper and lower jaws which must be kept short by gnawing. We are specialised in world-class service of rodent control while adhering to international food safety standards. Our Pied Piper service is tried, tested and trusted over several years.

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  • Fly / Bee Solutions

    Flies are a nuisance primarily in offices and other commercial spaces with a bad sanitary environment. Flies breed in any decaying, rotting organic matter. This contact subsequently causes contamination of food and transmission of disease. In case of severe infestations, we identify the source and do the breeding control treatment as this is the only pest which is not nocturnal in nature and becomes active as the warmth increases.

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  • Ant Solutions

    Ants are social insects of the family Formicidae and, along with the related wasps and bees, belong to the order Hymenoptera. The tiny pharaoh ant is a major pest in hospitals and office blocks; it can make nests between sheets of paper.

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  • Spider Solutions

    Spiders are air-breathing chelicerate arthropods that have eight legs, and chelicerae modified into fangs that inject venom.

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  • Termite Solutions

    Termites love warmer temperatures, but they can work all year eating not only wood but other materials as well. These costly insects can destroy buildings before you even see one. Our trained experts will come to your home or business and analyze the problem. Then, they will formulate a solution to meet your specific need whether it is maintenance and protection to keep termites away or the elimination of a colony.

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  • Mosquito Solutions

    Another unconquered enemy of man is the mosquito. Much appreciated by all our clients for its deadly effectiveness, our mosquito-control treatment not only eliminates mosquitoes but also releases reproduction inhibitors leaving little chance for re-infestation. We offer affordable and effective mosquito control services for residential properties. Our mosquito experts will apply one-time treatments that are designed to eliminate and prevent mosquito activity around your home & business.

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  • Bird Control

    Bird Droppings are so acidic that they cause permanent damage to stone and painted metals. Birds create a mess and are known to be disastrous to a newly painted building. A nightmare for builders, architects and home owners where every design for aesthetic appeal needs to be reviewed due to bird droppings.

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  • WoodBorer Solutions

    Woodborer beetles are commonly detected a few years after new construction. The treatment method adopted is by injecting a special formulation which has got a flushing effect making the insect come out in the open and die unlike with the conventional chemicals which are used by the other pest controllers.

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  • Weed Management

    Weed in a general sense is a plant that is considered by the user of the term to be a nuisance, and normally applied to unwanted plants in human-made settings such as gardens, lawns or agricultural areas, but also in parks, woods and other natural areas.

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  • Lizards Solutions

    Lizards are a very large and widespread group of squamate reptiles, with nearly 3800 species.Lizards typically have limbs and external ears, while snakes lack both these characteristics. We have come out with a unique formulation that makes the lizard come out from their habitat and once the spray falls on it dies immediately.

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