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1. Ultrasonic Snake Control Device

  • No need to spread expensive, potentially dangerous and for the most part ineffective chemicals around your home/ Workplace
  • This pest control unit is very safe to use around children and animals.
  • Keeps snakes out 24 hours a day without killing snakes.
  • Long life and less maintenance.
  • Will not harm dogs, cats or any other livestock.

2. Electric Flying insect Killer

  • Complete eco-friendly Flying insect Control solution.
  • 100% non-toxic to humans and pets.
  • We offer an annual contract with treatment and regular check-ups and monitoring.
  • Long life and less maintenance.

3. Ultrasonic Rodent/ Rat Control

We at UPS use Eco-Friendly Ultrasonic Rodent Control Device. A typical ultrasonic mouse repeller, or electronic rodent repeller, is plugged into an electric socket in the area where mice are a problem. The electricity generates ultrasonic waves that are beamed out into the area. When a mouse or other rodent travels into the path of the ultrasonic waves, they feel the waves and leave the area.

4. BirdPro Track

  • Unique Track-System That Is The Most Discreet.
  • Comes In A Variety Of Colours.
  • Uv And Water Stabilized Track Is Made.
  • Powered By Solar Enery, So Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective And Self-Sustaining.

1. Visiting

We first visit the site of pest control for a proper inspection.

2. Planning

We then plan for a best and affordable pest control solution that would be suited for the visited site.

3. Executing

Then we execute the planned solution at the site and also welcome after service queries if any.

Pest Control never can't be more easy!

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